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Tuning and Voicing

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Piano Restoration

Piano Voicing

Refining Your Piano's Tone

Voicing is the process of changing the quality of the tone that the piano produces. Voicing is an important step in piano care and maintenance, and one that is often overlooked. Many piano players incorrectly assume how a piano sounds now is just the way it is. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Key Repair

Standard Tuning

Every 6 Months to Maximize Stability

Regularly tuning your piano a critical component to stabilizing your piano's pitch. Tuning twice a year, once in the winter dry season (Feb) and once in the humid season (August) will give your piano the most time to stay in tune and goes a long way to minimize the extreme seasonal stresses that occur in our geography.

Piano Keys

Pitch Raises

When a Standard Tuning Won't Do

A grand piano has an average of 20 tons of sprung tension on the plate, soundboard, bridges, and pinblock when tuned to a440. When a piano isn't regularly tuned these stresses usually appear to the customer as a very out of tune piano. In this situation multiple tunings are often needed to bring the piano back up to pitch.

Piano Tuning: Services
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